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Roof cleaning is not an easy job to do yourself, in fact, without the proper tools and training it can be very dangerous to try and undertake such a task. Get the best roof cleaning in Seattle WA and let our team of highly trained staff take all the stress and worry away from you.

About Our Process

Why should you hire Seattle ProWash to clean your roof?  A clean roof allows the water to drain properly and prevent leaks that can cost you a lot of money.  It also increases the life of your roof, and it looks stunning.  We utilize a soft washing process to avoid any further harm to the roof. We only utilize bio-degredable cleaners that ensure your roof is completely clean without causing any damage.

How it works?

  • We use the industry standard & shingle manufacturer recommended roof washing system.
  • First we apply our roof washing soap to your roof to eradicate all organic growth and loosen up any moss
  • Then we rinse your roof with fresh water and let any moss fall off over time
  • With every rainfall your roof will look better and better. Black fungi stains usually come out immediately, but moss has to fall off over time because forceful removal will ruin your shingles

A properly maintained roof can last 20 years or more with proper and regular cleanings. Not to mention, the overall curbside appeal will be dramatically increased, allowing your home to look the best it ever has looked.

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“Dylan and the crew came out for my 99 year old grandmothers place. He was very informative, the place is old and he took the time to stop and inform us of some possible issues with continuing. We said go ahead anyhow and thank goodness, it turned out FABULOUS and grandma is so happy!”

Ohana V.

“Quick response to our call, and showed up on time. They did a good job and good pricing. They got our split level house done within two hours.”

Christine Z.

“He is very knowledgeable, and is experienced in this profession. He does a quick, and detailed job to make sure the customer is happy with the results. I highly recommend him.”

Matt N.

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